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PO BOX 363, Ocean City, New Jersey

Morvay - Miley Post 524

Phil and Suzanne Fisher
Ed and Linda Kuehlne
Exchange Club of Ocean City
Jay and Michelle Gillian
Dallas Krapf
Lou and JoAnn Mancuso
 McMahon Agency, Inc.
Leo and Debbie Sniger
 Miss Night In Venice Pageant Committee
American Legion Auxiliary Unit 524
American Legion Squadron 524
SILVER STAR - $5000 - $9999
Jack Hagan
Keith Hartzell and June Hartzell
Wonderland Pier
BRONZE STAR - $2500 - $4999
Joel Branosky
Tom & Pat Chapman
Jim Dever
Stanley and Claire Duzy Charitable Foundation
Jane French
Fred Little
Tom & Cathy McMenamin
PB&J Consultants
Victor Plumbo
Jack Ponton
Shore Medical Center
Lee and Kathy Albertson Bob and Joanne Marzulli
American Legion Riders Post 352 Joe and Connie Masington
Jerry and Jean Ayotte Frank and Beverly McCall
 Barra Vaughn Insurance Richard McCleary
Bob and Donna Buker Bill and Gloria McDermott
Ken and Jean Byerly Denis and Pat Munn
Robert and Lynn Centonze Ocean City Masonic Lodge 171 F&AM
Colony Club of Ocean City, Inc. Joe and Cathy Rebl
Buz and Eleanor Conway Jim and Joan Sambucci
Rob Cozen Jim and Karen Scanlon
Joe and Vivian Di Massimo Dr. and Mrs. Carl Scheetz
Vincent and Cindy Di Massimo Hank and Angela Szczurek
Emerson Investigative Services Walt Szczurek
Foster-Karney Foundation T.D. Associates, LLC
Gerry and Barbara Gheen The Quigley Family
Frank and Maureen Hetzel Thomas Heist Insurance Agency
Bonnie and Mike Hyson Tom and Denise Tumelty
James and Penny Jackson Uncle Bill's Pancake House
Rich and Ellen Laut Gary and Barbara Vermeulen
Bob and Joyce Leonetti Bill and Valeri Vinal
John and Joan Lynch Dick and Nancy Waddell
Chalie and Andrea Maimone Luke Walsh
Al and Mary Ellen Makowski George Walters
Manco & Manco Gene and Joanne Weber
Bob and Joanne Martin David and Rue Zink
LEGION SUPPORTER - $500 - $999
Thomas and Marion Bachinger Brian McEvoy
Lou and Helen Battagliese Jack Monaghan
Joe and Marilyn Bellucci Dick and Liz Mossop
Dennis Best NJ Run For The Fallen
Gerry and Phyllis Bonner Ocean City Home Bank
Stephen Christian Fred and Nancy Plauschinat
Burr and Dottie Connery Joe Porreca
William Crockford Joe Pustizzi
Chris Daily John and Marty Quinn
Carmen and Norma D'Angelo Conie and Lois Rahme
Jack and Janet Dershimer Jerry and Carol Rainey
Jim Dever Ralph Rainey
Fred and Barbara Distel Rose Relations
Don and Sue Doll Ernie and Maureen Sabato
Frank and Louise Dzara Floyd and Carole Schnitzer
Pat and Fran Falvella Charles and Cathy Schock
Lionel and Coleen Fansler Rich and Eileen Schrader
Joe Fertsch Gery and Roberta Schulz
Joel Friedman Vince and Linda Segal
Bob and Mairi Gauger Tony and Johann Spadafora
Mark Goehring Father Ed Speitel
Bob and Anne Grant  St. Frances Cabrini Women's Bible Club
Tricia Gruenwald Betty Stivale
Pete and Cathy Guinosso Hank and Walt Szczurek
Larry and Linda Heller The Oves Family
Jilly's Frannie and Jack Thornton
Johnny and Karen Laughlin Joe Tordella
Stanton Lebouitz Roy and Edwina Wagner
Gregg Matis Bernadette Walsh
Frank McCartney Michael and Patricia Winters
Drew and Jean Abbott III Janice Gminder Ocean City Coffee Company
John and Dorothy Aitken Good Counsel Leisure Club Mary O'Connell
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Altomare Bob and Marilyn Gray George Onufer
American Legion Post 805 The Gribbles Al and Leigh Opper
Midge Arasz Kathy Gross Frank and Pat Ormund
Bill and June Artman Rich Gross Ozzie and Judy Osborn
Boy Scout Troop 32 Bob and Peggy Gross Frank and Peggy Ann Osborne
Joe and Peg Bagnell Jim Guseman Jack and Helen Patrick
Wayne and Anne Barbetti Dan and Ellie Hagan Joe and Karen Pawlowski
Bob Barr PKS Cleaning Services Ralp and Carol Penzarella
Steve and Barbara Bell Marie and Lloyd Hayes Perry-Egan Chevrolet
Josh and Melissa Benson Heist Insurance Mike and Joyce Petrozza
Tony and Pat Bernabeo Jack and Eunice Heist Insurance Gerald and Carol Phillips
Joe and Patti Bisbing James and Rosemary Hennelly Bob and Marion Pierpont
Erich Blasberg Pat and Marian Henry Jim and Barbara Piston
Al and Rena Bond Donald and Palma Hepner PKS Cleaning Services
Boy Scout Troop 32 Bill and Barbara Hester Murray and Dorothy Plenn
John Boyle Frank and Patricia Higgins Lois Poletis
Bruce W. Riordan Real Estate, Inc. Ed and Joann Hilinski Linda Postorivo
Joel and Bernadette Branosky Debbie Hilling Potter and Elaine Potter
Brigantine Elks Lodge No. 2428 Don Hollingshead Tom and Anna Press
Harry Brooks George and Cheryl Holmes Bob and Birgit Prochaska
Bruce W. Riordan Real Estate, Inc. Mike and Jennifer Holzer Ann Pytel
Stephen and Bernice Bryne Ron and Sally Howley Dr. and Mrs. Raab
John and Jeanne Buoy Brian and Barbara Illencik Rhonda Raden
Ed and Liz Burke Warren Iredell Bob and Regina Ralston
Andrew Burr Donald and Darlene Jackson Pete and Jean Rapetti
C. Melini Hair Salon & Retail Center Joe and Elaine Jamison Red's Jersey Mex Café
Hugh and Linda Campbell Jersey Cape Region AACA Valerie Remmey
Jon and Helen Capacasa American Legion Post 72 David Rhodes
C. Melini Hair Salon & Retail Center Dick Jones Jim and Joan Ricketts
Nancy Carlin Norma Juzwiak Ken and Barbara Riggione
Joe and Eileen Caserta Theresa Kampmeyer Dan and Lorana Riney
Millevoi's Best Tire Inc. Paul and Anita Kayatta Ed Robinson
Bas and Kay Cauley John and Doris Keating Jean Robinson
Frank Cavallo Bill and Claire Keating Bob and Joanne Romano
Bob and Cass Cebular Reynolds and Barbara Keen Leon and Carol Rominiecki
Joan Chapman Gerry and Roz Keenan Vince and Barbara Rosica
Chapter 710 Sea Isle City A.A.R.P. Red's Jersey Mex Café George and Pam Rumer
Circle Liquors Jack and Jeri Kehoe Jim and Ursula Russo
Joe Coccaro Larry and Diane Kelly Gary and Terry Sakas
Mike and Mary Coffman Gene and Maria Kelly Dennis and Doris Sandole
Mike and Mary Ellen Coffman Peter and Kate Kelsen Steve Savage
Tom and Brenda Cole Judge Keogh Bob and Diane Sawyer
Mike and Joanne Collins Barry Kerchner Brian Scanlon
Pete Colucci Al and Bea Kirk Jack and Judy Schalk
Craig and Danielle Colucci Ray Knorr Bruce Schell
Cheryl and Bruce Conley Dino's Seaville Diner Mike and Cathy Schilling
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Connelly Steve and Katy Koch Russ and Dubby Schleider
Copiers Plus John and Joann Kocher Tob Schmitt
Carmen and Toni Costanza Dana Kohler Bill Schnatz
Joe and Jackie Costello Marley Kohler Gina Secrest
Alice Cranston American Legion Post 805 Joe and Marie Seiler
Bill and Mona Crean Patricia Kritis Bob and Rosalie Shaffer
Bill Cruice Jeff and Diana Krouse Ken and Angela Sharp
Ed Crumlish Mary Anne La Monica Stainton Senior Center
George and Virginia Curtis Dan and Lenora Ladik Janice Simms
Joe and Gerri Cusato Mike Lagreca Flanders Hotel
Mike Daniels Mike Lagreca Jim Sirles
Bill and Pami Deely Joe and Dorothy Leahy John and Marjorie Skoglund
Chet DeFelice John and Josie Lehman Bill and Robin Sleeth
Ed and Margaret Demeter Harry and Rebecca Limons Jim and Pat Smith
Ron and Beverly Denney Murray and Barbara Lindberg Ray and Miriam Snyder
Joe and Sabine Di Spaldo Sandra Lindley Friends of Margaret Bell
Dino's Seaville Diner John and Joanne Linus Jim and Cathy Solarski
Fred and Glada Dintino John and Joanne Linus Pete Sollazo
Jersey Cape Region AACA Congressman Frank LoBiondo Jim and Deborah Soukup
John Dollard Robert and Elizabeth Loftus Stainton Senior Center
Frank and Janet Donatelli John and Carmella Londahl John and Laverna Stanton
Roger and Laura Doria Frank Longo George and Mary Steen, Sr.
Donna Dorney John and Dorothy Lynch Ted and Eileen Storz
Bill and Donna Dorney Mike and Maryellen Lynch Jack and Maryann Stover
Tony and Pat D'Ottavio Bill and Claudette MacAindriu Bill and GeorgeAnn Strabuk
Chapter 710 Sea Isle City A.A.R.P. Joan and Jim Maguire Craig and Marie Stuart
Circle Liquors Margaret and Marion Mahoney Rosemary Stuart
Len and Elizabeth Dworsky Emil and Anna Marie Maikner Jr. Glenn Stull
Dennis and Nancy Egan Catherine Maloney Paul and Martha Styer
Len and Regina Emrick Mario's Pizza Surfside Construction & Duncan Homes
John and Regina Evans Betty Mathers Kevin and Denise Sutcliffe
Art and Dale Faint Dick Mathers Margaret and Marion Szczurek
Jane Farina Martin McCann American Legion Post 72
Eugene and Maryellen Farrell Edward and Marion McCaughey The Flanders Hotel
Dan Fay Jim and Margaret McCollum Douglas and Catherine Tombari
Tony Fedeli Tom and Diane McCool John Truchel
Tony and Lillian Fedeli Jim and Darlina McCormick Walt and Joanne Udovich
Gary and Barbara Fedeli Jim and Madeleine McCusker John and Diane Van Stone
Jim and Cathy Finnegan Howard McKinley  Various
Gary and Antoinette Fischer Bob and Joan McLaughlin The Gribbles
Bill Flynn Bob and Gail McMurray Frank and Pat Walsh
Harold and Cindy Ford Johnie McNorton Frank and Pat Walsh
Bob Foster Jim Menditto Jim and Mary Walsh
Good Counsel Leisure Club Fran Mezzatesta Bill and Denise Weaver
Bill and Debbie Friel Millevoi's Best Tire Inc. Ken and Jessica Weaver
Friends of Margaret Bell Bill and Peggy Miller Mario's Pizza
Roy and Ann Funk Gary and Marie Miller Gen. Lafayette Chapter, D.A.R.
Joe and Terry Gackenbach Regina Moffitt Stephanie White
Dick and Edie Galante Lauren Mount Terrence Willett
Conall and Anne Gallagher Wayne and Mary Anne Mozzo Ronald Williams
Mark Gallagher Marty and Diane Mozzo Ms. Wilson Wilson
Conall and Anne Gallagher Don Mullen Nancy Wilson
Mike and Robin Gallagher Michael Mullin Fred Wise
Rocky and Roberta Gannon Ed and Cynthia Murphy Bob Wolford
Copiers Plus Denise Nicolosi Rich and Kay Worst
Bud and Pat Geary John and Angela Nicolucci Al and Betsy Yost
General Lafayette Chapter, D.A.R. Susan Niskanen Tom and Debbie Young
Joe Getley Harry and Debbie Norcross Steve and Joan Zalewski
Don Gilbert Bob and Janet Oberg Jim and Rita Zebrowski
Paul and Martha Giunta Elks Brigantine Lodge No. 2428 Jon and Coleen Zelznick
Gleeson's Audio Video LLC   Angelo and Anne Zuino

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