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Many of our generous donors to the building fund have offered their gifts in the name of family members and friends.

John and Dorothy Aitken in memory of Pvt William Aitken
Lee and Kathy Albertson in memory Lcpl Charles F. Bingham, USMC - KIA 02 September 1967, South Vietnam
Chuck and Mary Bangle in honor of Frank Manco
Jon and Helen Capacasa in memory of Marino Capacasa, Robert Cappy, Louis Capacasa
Frank Cavallo in honor of Vincent D. Segal U.S.M.C. (Ret.)
Tom and Pat Chapman in memory of John A. Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Connelly in memory of Anna Di Giacomo
Stainton Senior Center in memory of George Wells
Rob Cozen in memory of Miriam Amber Cozen
Ed Crumlish in memory of Edward F. Crumlish Sr.
Joe and Gerri Cusato in memory of Triesta Ferraro
Vince and Cindy Di Massimo in memory of our mother, Vivian Di Massimo
Fred and Glada Dintino in memory of John B. Wightman, WWI Veteran
Bill and Donna Dorney in honor of Wesley Dorney and Elmer E. Moore
Stanley and Claire Duzy Charitable Foundation in honor of Brigader General (Ret) James C. Dever, Jr.
Dennis and Nancy Egan in honor of those who did not come home
Pat and Fran Falvella in memory Gerard M. Falvella
Jane Farina in memory of my husband
Tony and Lillian Fedeli in memory of Salvatore Fedeli, US Army. World War II
Gary and Barbara Fedeli in memory of Salvatore Fedeli, US Army. World War II
Joe Fertsch in honor of Dolores Fertsch
Jane French in honor of Legionnaire Woodrow W. French, USA, World War II
Joe and Terry Gackenbach in memory of Dan Mullin
Bob and Mairi Gauger in memory of Charles A. Gauger
Bud and Pat Geary in honor of Joel Friedman
The Gribbles in loving memory of Jace Clark
Tricia Gruenwald in memory of Ken Gruenwald
Jack Hagan in memory of Linda Hagan
Dan and Ellie Hagan in memory John J. Hagan, USAAC, World War II
Keith Hartzell in honor of 2nd Lt. Paul Hartzell, United States Army Air Corps, World War II
Debbie Hilling in memory of Bernie Huesken, USMC
Bonnie and Mike Hyson in memory of Aaron Snyder, Korean War Veteran
James and Penny Jackson in memory of James Cunningham Jackson, USN Seabees, World War II
Jane Johnson in memory of Janice Marie Kenny
Ms. Theresa Kampmeyer in honor of Edward Kampmeyer, United States Air Force, World War II
Paul and Anita Kayatta in honor of George C. Kayatta
Bill and Claire Keating in memory of Dan Mullin
Gene and Maria Kelly in memory of Edward Kelly and Mario Caporicco
Peter and Kate Kelsen in memory of Anna Di Giacomo
Marley Kohler in memory of Bill Kohler
Dana Kohler in memory of Bill and Marley Kohler
Patricia Kritis in memory of Anthony Kritis
Ed and Linda Kuehlne in honor of Ken and Suzie Post for the generous gift of their time and entertainment for the benefit of the community
Dan and Lenora Ladik in memory of Lawrence Virgilio, USMC
Harry and Rebecca Limons in memory of Arturo Tanzella and Septimo Tanzella
Frederick Little in honor of Captain Frederick B. Little, USA Medical Corps and Sgt John S. Little, USMC Air Corps
Robert and Elizabeth Loftus in memory of Charles B. Sherman, Sgt US Army Air Corps, WWII
John and Carmella Londahl in memory of Carmella P. Londahl
Mike and Maryellen Lynch in memory of Dan Mullin
Al and Mary Ellen Makowski in memory of Daniel J. McGarrigan USA, World War IIand Lieut. Alphonse R. Makowski, USA, WWII, U.S. Army Intelligence
Friends of Margaret Bell in memory of Margaret Bell
Dick and Liz Mossop in memory of Thomas F. Mossop Jr.
Michael Mullin in memory of Dan Mullin
Bob and Janet Oberg in memory of Ralph Mortenson, Army, KIA D-Day and Frederick Baraal, USN, WWII
Ralph and Carol Penzarella in memory of all MIA's
Fred and Nancy Plauschinat in memory of George Fulton
Chris and Catherine Preston in memory of our father, Robert B. Preston USMC
Ann Pytel in memory of Anthony Pytel
The Quigley Family in memory of Samuel Paolella, United States Air Force, World War II Veteran
Jerry and Carol Rainey in honor of Ralph Rex Rainey
 Ralph Rainey in honor of Ralph Rex Rainey
Joe and Cathy Rebl in honor of Joseph Rebl, USN (1943-1945)
Jim and Joan Ricketts in memory of Capt. Albert Francesconi, MD, Vietnam Veteran
Bob and Joanne Romano in memory of Silvio T. Romano, 95th Infantry Div
Dr. and Mrs. Scheetz in honor of all who have served
Janice Simms in memory of Thomas A. Simms, American Legion Post 133, Woodbury, NJ
John and Marjorie Skoglund in honor of Mark Lavinsky
Bill and Robin Sleeth in honor of our Dad's 92nd birthday
Bill and Robin Sleeth in honor of Bill Sleeth on the occasion of his 90th birthday
Leo and Debbie Sniger in honor of Cpl Leo Sniger, USMC, WWII
American Legion Post 805 in memory of Aaron Snyder
Ocean City Gardens Association in memory of Duane G. Sonneborn, M.D.
Betty Stivale in honor of George L. Demberger
Rosemary Stuart in memory of Dan Mullin
Paul and Martha Styer in memory of Paul H. Styer
Hank and Walt Szczurek in memory Ed Szczurek
Margaret and Marion Szczurek in honor of Walt Szczurek
Frannie and Jack Thornton in memory of Nicholas G. Sama, USMC and A. Richard Thornton, USMC
Tom and Denise Tumelty in honor of Pvt. Matthew J. Higgins, USA - KIA World War I; Pvt Matthew J. Higgins, USA - KIA, Vietnam;  and Lt Col Kenneth J. Duckworth, DFC, USAF, Vietnam
Gary and Barbara Vermeulen in honor of all those who served in the Armed Forces of the United States of America
Roy and Edwina Wagner in honor of Roy Wagner, WWII Navy
Frank and Pat Walsh in memory of Anna Di Giacomo
Bernadette Walsh in honor of her son, CW2 Luke Walsh
Stephanie White in honor of Walter Szczurek
Bob Wolford in honor of Rocky Gannon, Lt. Col. USAF (ret)
Angelo and Anne Zuino in honor of MSgt Samuel Zuino USA, WWII & Cpl Angelina Zuino USA, WWII & American Legion Post 810