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VA opens health care eligibility for Vietnam, Gulf War, post-9/11 Veterans under PACT Act

On Oct. 1, The Department of Veterans Affairs will expand and extend eligibility for VA health care for certain Veterans of the Vietnam War, Gulf Wars and post-9/11 era under the Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson Honoring our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics (PACT) Act. This expansion increases health care eligibility for generations of toxic-exposed Veterans, giving them access to the health care they’ve earned and deserve.
President Biden signed the bipartisan PACT Act into law August 10, authorizing one of the largest expansions of VA health care and benefits in U.S. history. Veterans can go to to apply for health care or learn more about what this bill means for them and their families.
“This expansion will bring generations of new Veterans into VA health care, and increase the health care benefits of many more, which will result in the one outcome that matters most: better health outcomes for Veterans,” said Denis McDonough, Secretary of Veterans Affairs. “I highly encourage these Veterans to apply now for the health care they’ve earned and deserve.”
Beginning on Oct. 1, Post-9/11 Veterans who did not previously enroll in VA health care will have a 1-year window to enroll if they:
Also on Oct. 1, the following groups of Veterans will be eligible for care:
While the expansion of PACT Act-related health care eligibility is staggered over the coming years, VA has made all conditions outlined in the PACT Act presumptive for benefits as of August 10, the day President Biden signed the bill into law. Eligible Veterans and survivors are encouraged to apply for those benefits now at
More information about VA’s implementation of the PACT Act can be found in this fact sheet.