Morvay - Miley - Cruice Post 524

Barnegat's 2023 Vietnam War Veterans event is taking place exactly 3 weeks from today, and we have several improvements we're excited about:

1) The main ceremony is inside the warm and dry Barnegat High School main gym, from 3-4pm. Yeah!!
2) There will be free food and refreshments immediately after the event, in the warm and dry Barnegat High School cafeteria, from 4-5pm (courtesy of Wawa and Barnegat High School's BD Bakers). Whoo-hoo!!
3) Before, during, and after the event, officers from the VA and DAV will be onsite in the warm and dry Barnegat High School cafeteria, and in their warm and dry mobile unit parked in the front, to help any veterans with medical claims, from 2-5pm. Hooray!!
More details about the event will be shared with you in the upcoming weeks, including info about Department of Defense Commemorative Lapel Pins, other free items, and ALLLLLL the youth involvement you'll be surrounded by. 
So, make sure your calendars are marked, your time is blocked, your travel plans are set, and your words are spread to all, to be in Barnegat on March 29th for this wonderful event to honor our Vietnam veterans!