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Through the efforts of Elevator Constructors Local 5, four of our Legion families are a little more mobile today. Union members John Cichon, Frank Gramglia, and Brian Leighton have installed stair lifts for John & Joanne Kocher, Auxiliary member Kay Gross' brother, Rich, Ed and Eleanor Vekony, and Joe and Joan Dollymore.


The LIFT FOR A VET’s mission is to buy and install elevators, home lifts, stair lifts or wheelchair lifts in the residence of disabled U.S. military service veterans from any era, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, Afghanistan, or Iraq.

Welcome Home . . . The Lucky Ones, is a book about four Vietnam Veterans, three Army and one Air Force, before, during, and returning home after the Vietnam War. No blood and gore as some books on Vietnam have . . . just what they experienced and how it affected them and their families. John Laughlin, a grunt with an interesting story, Steve Raho . . . an Infantry Officer, and myself, all Army guys and one Air Force, Mike Moran, who wasn’t in Vietnam but over it in a B-52 bomber . . . looking at the war from different perspectives. This book is dedicated to our families and the 58,281 names on The Vietnam Wall . . . gone but not forgotten. We hope you enjoy reading the book, and if you are a Vietnam Veteran, you are one of the lucky ones and Welcome Home!
It is available on Barnes and Noble and Amazon in either paperback or eBook,and at Sun Rose Books, 756 Asbury Avenue, Ocean City


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